Hello July

Greetings one and all 😀

Well, another month begins and we are halfway through the year. The first day of this lovely, bright month has gotten off to a good start. The latest round of edits has been completed, and my cover is eighty percent finished. I do have to say that June didn’t leave without teaching me a lesson. One I’m going to do my best to take on board. One thing I’m guilty of is placing unnecessary pressure on myself. I did manage to get a handle on it, but for some reason last month I started doing it again. I got it into my head that my work had to be done within a specific time frame, and if I didn’t start it at precisely the right time, my stress levels shot up.

Towards the end of June I realized that as long as the work I set myself to do was completed on the day, what did it matter what time I started? That small realization has helped me more than I can say. The words are flowing, my cover work isn’t being forced, and finally, after a month of asking my characters, I finally got the title to my next release. Hopefully, I won’t forget the lesson learned and continue to keep unnecessary pressure off myself.

That’s all for now, so make sure to take care of yourselves.