Coming Together

Hi everyone 🙂

I hope that July is treating you all well and with kindness. This week has been calmer and my motivation is playing ball, two things for which I am truly grateful. My latest round of edits have been completed and typed up, so I’m leaving my w.i.p to sit for a day before starting on what should be the second to last editing phase. My cover is now 99% complete. It just needs a couple of minor tweaks and it will be done. After that comes the “joy” of working on the blurb, and that will require several cups of coffee to get through.

Regarding the announcement of the release date and cover reveal date, it’s looking like that might happen mid to end of next week. I will post them on my Facebook Page once they are set. I also do a general post once a week on my page, so please feel free to pop over and check it out 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. So until next time, take care.



Sunshine and Clouds

Hi everyone,

I hope July is treating you all well 🙂 Here in my world, my editing is moving along nicely and my cover for my next release is 90% completed. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to give a release date and cover reveal date at some point next week.

With all that going on I’ve needed a recharge, so I’ve spent some time out in nature and I can honestly say I feel so much better for doing it. It’s so easy to let the clouds form over my head, their darkness seeping into me and dragging me down. Work pressure, looming deadlines, and other things can help create them, and they aren’t always easy to shift.

When the pressure builds and you think you can’t do it, step back, take a deep breath, and remember to show yourself a little kindness.


Hello July

Greetings one and all 😀

Well, another month begins and we are halfway through the year. The first day of this lovely, bright month has gotten off to a good start. The latest round of edits has been completed, and my cover is eighty percent finished. I do have to say that June didn’t leave without teaching me a lesson. One I’m going to do my best to take on board. One thing I’m guilty of is placing unnecessary pressure on myself. I did manage to get a handle on it, but for some reason last month I started doing it again. I got it into my head that my work had to be done within a specific time frame, and if I didn’t start it at precisely the right time, my stress levels shot up.

Towards the end of June I realized that as long as the work I set myself to do was completed on the day, what did it matter what time I started? That small realization has helped me more than I can say. The words are flowing, my cover work isn’t being forced, and finally, after a month of asking my characters, I finally got the title to my next release. Hopefully, I won’t forget the lesson learned and continue to keep unnecessary pressure off myself.

That’s all for now, so make sure to take care of yourselves.