Confusion and Chaos

Hi everyone 🙂

Apologies for the gap in posting but as you can see from the title things have been hectic here. To be honest, I’ve felt like a ping pong ball over the past few weeks, and frankly I can’t wait for things to drop back to a level I can handle while retaining what remains of my sanity. Just when I’ve gotten things into some sort of order, a curve ball comes my way and send everything into chaos. Confusion usually pops up when I’m trying to regain that lost order.

Fortunately, things do seem to be calming down, enabling me to shift my focus back to where it needs to be: writing. I’m currently working through the second round of edits on my latest w.i.p and it is starting to come together. The cover idea I had has gone out the window and I’m working on a new one, which I think is better.

I’m still working on my courses and getting my marketing plan in order, I just need to time manage and pace myself so chaos and confusion don’t pop up again.

That’s all for now, so back into the writing cave I go.