Now, where was I?

Hi everyone,

We are halfway through the month and I swear I’m not where I need to be. Oh, my writing is on schedule and Blood Price will be released this Friday, but it’s everything else. I know that I’m moving forward, but I sometimes feel as if I’m trying to wade through molasses. One part of my brain is telling me to get organized, the other part is so laid back I swear it is on a sun lounger in the Bahamas. I think some of my disorganization is the fact there have been a couple of changes in my personal life, but I’m not using them as an excuse. No. This Raven needs to get her rear in gear where everything else connected to my writing is concerned, so if someone could send some spare motivation my way, it would be greatly appreciated 😉

Well, that’s all for now. So I’m off to lasso my escaped motivation and get to work.

Catch you all again soon.



One thought on “Now, where was I?

  1. A ha, if you find said writing motivation, do send them my way. It’s weird how life can suck all the energy out of you sometimes, and you tend to put your life goals (for me, it’s writing) on the back burner because of that. Anyway, wishing you all the best!


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