Missing Motivation

Hi everyone,

As you can gather from the title, my motivation has decided to take a vacation. While it’s probably due to me battling bronchitis I really wish it had put up more of a fight before leaving. Trying to write while my body and brain are going “nope” is to me at least, like trying to wade through imaginary molasse. What hasn’t helped is my frustration at not being able to fix my focus for any great length of time on what I need to do. So I took a few days off and while it has put me behind schedule, I’m not going to allow myself to get wound up over it because all that would do is make things worse. I’m easing back into writing and my characters, while slightly annoyed at me are talking. With luck my motivation will return from its vacation soon and I can get back up to speed.

Talking of writing, my w.i.p’s are slowly moving forward and I’m hoping to provide more info about them on my Facebook page by the end of this week. There might also be a cover reveal date hint 🙂

If you want to keep up to date on what is going on in my writing world then please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Goodreads. If you want to check out my published books then head over to my website where you will find them listed and where they are available.

Well, that’s all for now. So until next next time, stay safe and well.


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