Blue Monday?

Hi everyone šŸ™‚

Today is apparently Blue Monday, the day which is supposed to be the most depressing of the year, and I have to admit to feeling a little blegh today. My mojo needed more of a kick start than usual, not even two cups of coffee helped get it going. So I stepped back and grabbed a book to read. Getting lost in other worlds was just what I needed, and a bit later than normal I opened Word and got down to writing. Fortunately, my characters forgave me for my rotten morning and started chatting the second I sat down. Both W.I.P’s are progressing nicely, and I will be able to tell you more about them soon. My plotting of a third book is also moving along nicely, so that means out of the six books I am intending on releasing this year, two will hopefully be released within the next couple of months.

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That’s all for now, so stay safe and I will catch you all again soon šŸ™‚