Hello 2021

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Well, 2020 is behind us and we now enter a new year, one that I fervently hope is better for us all. On the last day of the old year I sat down and started making plans for 2021, ones I am determined to complete. One of my plans is to release six books this year. Now, usually I would give specific dates on when each one would see the world, but this year I’m not doing that. Why? Because I discovered that by locking myself into a fixed date I put stress on myself which in turn affected my writing. My stories will come out when they are ready and the first draft of one is almost completed.

By working in this new way I already feel better and I am gaining more enjoyment from my writing. As writers we do things in our own way and by doing so we create various and wonderful worlds for our readers to enjoy.

So in this new year, let us all continue to write and continue to create new worlds, so that all who read our books escape into their imagination if only for a brief time.