Exhausted but Determined

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe and well. Here in my nest last week was what I would call a far from normal one. With building/renovation work going on next door combining with my outside work which starts early in the morning, my focus has been scattered and my exhaustion level has risen. I won’t deny that less than stellar combination hasn’t hit my writing, but I’ve refused to let it derail me completely. My rate of words being set down might have dipped, but I’m determined to get things back on track this week. I have set my targets and I’m going to push my hardest to get through this exhaustion and hit them 🙂

Both main w.i.p’s are close to the midway point, so with determination and lots of coffee I should *fingers crossed* get them completed by the end of this week. When that is achieved, other parts of my revised six month plan will kick in and I’ll tell you more about those later. In the meantime if you want to find out more about my writing world, then please check me out on Facebook , Pinterest, Goodreads, or Instagram

That’s all for now, so until next time take care and stay safe 🙂



Blue Monday?

Hi everyone 🙂

Today is apparently Blue Monday, the day which is supposed to be the most depressing of the year, and I have to admit to feeling a little blegh today. My mojo needed more of a kick start than usual, not even two cups of coffee helped get it going. So I stepped back and grabbed a book to read. Getting lost in other worlds was just what I needed, and a bit later than normal I opened Word and got down to writing. Fortunately, my characters forgave me for my rotten morning and started chatting the second I sat down. Both W.I.P’s are progressing nicely, and I will be able to tell you more about them soon. My plotting of a third book is also moving along nicely, so that means out of the six books I am intending on releasing this year, two will hopefully be released within the next couple of months.

If you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing then please feel free to like my Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram, Goodreads, or Pinterest.

That’s all for now, so stay safe and I will catch you all again soon 🙂


Ducks in a Row? Probably Not.

Hi everyone 🙂

I hope you all made it through the first week of the new year okay 🙂 Here in the Raven house it was spent trying to get all my ducks in a row, but as is usual for me one or two wandered off and I had to chase after them. Eventually things calmed down and I was able to focus on my plans for the month, which primarily involve writing two stories and mapping out one. I have also set myself long term goals, ones that I will not let procrastination derail this year. I’ll keep you up to date on the progress of my current w.i.p’s and will share snippets when the first drafts are completed.

My latest release, Love Strikes, is now available across Amazon and I’m hoping to get it on Smashwords soon. If you are interested in finding out what other books I have released then please head over to my website or check out my Amazon Author Page, where you can find them listed 🙂

That’s all for now, so until next time, keep reading and stay safe.


Hello 2021

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Well, 2020 is behind us and we now enter a new year, one that I fervently hope is better for us all. On the last day of the old year I sat down and started making plans for 2021, ones I am determined to complete. One of my plans is to release six books this year. Now, usually I would give specific dates on when each one would see the world, but this year I’m not doing that. Why? Because I discovered that by locking myself into a fixed date I put stress on myself which in turn affected my writing. My stories will come out when they are ready and the first draft of one is almost completed.

By working in this new way I already feel better and I am gaining more enjoyment from my writing. As writers we do things in our own way and by doing so we create various and wonderful worlds for our readers to enjoy.

So in this new year, let us all continue to write and continue to create new worlds, so that all who read our books escape into their imagination if only for a brief time.