Bye Bye 2020

Hi everyone 🙂

This will be my last blog post of 2020 and overall this is a year I won’t be sorry to see the back of. It has been one filled with chaos and loss, but from within that has risen bravery, resilience, and a determination to carry on. For me personally it has not been a bad year as I managed to get a small job which took some stress off me and enabled me to focus more on my writing, though I have to admit my attention hasn’t been one hundred percent. So, over the past few days I’ve taken time to sit down and do some serious thinking over what I want 2021 to be for me writing wise.

This year has made me realize that if I am going to achieve the goals I set myself, I’m going to have to come at my writing and all that goes with it, with greater determination and resolve. So in the last days of this year I’m going to work out what books I’ll release in 2021 and what I need to do regarding promotion and improving my writing skills. Procrastination will be kicked into touch and I am going to hit the new year running.

Before I sign off for 2020, I want to thank you for reading my blog, for following me, and for stepping into my sometimes strange world. May 2021 treat you all with kindness and may it see all your hopes and dreams fulfiled.

See you all in 2021.



2 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2020

  1. A great departure to 2020 and a welcome for 2021. I myself am not convinced that things will change at the turn of the year, but I did learn quite a few things from the pandemic, most of all that we, as a collective, could do things we never even thought of, like fully working from home or running businesses remotely, or surviving being stuck in the four walls we call home.

    Here’s to a great new year!


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