Bring On The New Week

Hi everyone,

A new week always brings with it challenges. Some self made, others tossed in your path by life. Mine for this week are self made. Whether it is the changing of the seasons and nights drawing in I’m not sure, but the past couple of weeks have seen my motivation take a hiatus. And it couldn’t have picked a worse time given my writing time frame. So this week I decided to set myself a challenge – do a set amount of words a day. No deviation, no backtracking. Today was the first day of my challenge and after a couple of wobbles I completed it. With one down and my motivation back I know I am going to reach the word targets I set myself for each day.

It’s so easy to get distracted when your motivation vanishes and damn hard to get back on track. All I can say is set yourself targets, doesn’t matter whether they are small or large, just set them for each day and when you achieve them, reward yourself. Soon you will find yourself falling into a routine that will see you hitting your word targets and reaching the goals you set yourself.

Persevere and never lose belief in yourself!