New Month, New Plans

Hi everyone,

Well, a new month is underway. One bringing us closer to the end of the year and one that brings new plans for the month. I’m still working hard on both the second Nocturnus novel, which is still on target to meet the release date I have for it (T.B.A), and my secret project which has a tentative release date of end of 2020/start of 2021. I’m still hoping to post some pre-edit teasers soon, so keep a watch out for them 🙂 My plan for the month is to continue working on both w.i.p’s and start mapping out a new series for 2021. I’m also aiming to give my FB page a revamp and I’m considering freshening up my logo and other items connected to my branding as a writer.

My other personal plans are still on course, which I am happy about. It’s taken time to reach this point but finally everything is heading in the direction I want.

That’s all for now. So until next time, take care and stay safe.