Bring On The New Week

Hi everyone,

A new week always brings with it challenges. Some self made, others tossed in your path by life. Mine for this week are self made. Whether it is the changing of the seasons and nights drawing in I’m not sure, but the past couple of weeks have seen my motivation take a hiatus. And it couldn’t have picked a worse time given my writing time frame. So this week I decided to set myself a challenge – do a set amount of words a day. No deviation, no backtracking. Today was the first day of my challenge and after a couple of wobbles I completed it. With one down and my motivation back I know I am going to reach the word targets I set myself for each day.

It’s so easy to get distracted when your motivation vanishes and damn hard to get back on track. All I can say is set yourself targets, doesn’t matter whether they are small or large, just set them for each day and when you achieve them, reward yourself. Soon you will find yourself falling into a routine that will see you hitting your word targets and reaching the goals you set yourself.

Persevere and never lose belief in yourself!




Hi everyone,

Well as you can probably gather from the title, this is about motivation, or in my case over the last week the lack of it. Whether it was due to adjusting to changes in my personal life and my new sleep pattern I’m not sure, but last week my motivation decided to pack its bags and take a vacation. I still managed to get some words down but with my motivation awol it proved to be hard at times to focus.

In the past when that happened I forced myself to stay in my chair and write, but do you know what? When it came back and I looked over what I’d done, I ended up deleting at least eighty percent of it. Now, I can be stubborn and sometimes that is a good thing, but not when you are trying to create something and your mojo isn’t playing ball. It took time but I learned that for me personally if I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to write while the squirrels inside my head send my thoughts in a thousand different directions at once, its time to step away, take a break, and reboot.

So last week I took a couple of days off. I still did things connected to my writing, but not a Word document was opened. When I returned to my laptop and opened up one of my current works in progress the squirrels were silent, my characters were in full voice, and the words started to flow again.

Fingers crossed, my motivation will be refreshed from its vacation and not vanish on me again anytime soon.

Until next time, take care one and all.


New Month, New Plans

Hi everyone,

Well, a new month is underway. One bringing us closer to the end of the year and one that brings new plans for the month. I’m still working hard on both the second Nocturnus novel, which is still on target to meet the release date I have for it (T.B.A), and my secret project which has a tentative release date of end of 2020/start of 2021. I’m still hoping to post some pre-edit teasers soon, so keep a watch out for them 🙂 My plan for the month is to continue working on both w.i.p’s and start mapping out a new series for 2021. I’m also aiming to give my FB page a revamp and I’m considering freshening up my logo and other items connected to my branding as a writer.

My other personal plans are still on course, which I am happy about. It’s taken time to reach this point but finally everything is heading in the direction I want.

That’s all for now. So until next time, take care and stay safe.