Enjoying the Chaos

Hi everyone,

I hope that life is treating you all with a touch more kindness and not throwing too many curve balls your way. My world is its usual blend of chaos, moments of confusion, and wondering how much coffee I need to get through the day.

I’ve finished the read through of book three of the Resurrection City series, so once some minor changes have been made it should be okay to get it ready for Amazon. I finally have the title and the cover is underway, both of which will be revealed soon. I do have the release date and that is July 31st. Once it goes live I will make sure to provide the link.

The first story in the new series I’m working on is moving along smoothly and the characters personalities are definitely shining through, which makes for some interesting head conversations. *Laughs*

Well, that’s all from the world of Raven for now, so back into the writing cave I go. Take care one and all, and I will catch you all again soon.