Music Anyone?

Do you ever listen to music while writing? I was one of those writers who preferred to shut themselves in their office and write in silence, but one of the main characters in a new book I’m working on was damned insistent he wanted music. Now, over the years I’ve learned not to try and force them to do what I want as all that achieved was to kick start their stubborn streaks. So I opened up Spotify and started browsing. Fifteen minutes later I had a small playlist up and one happy character.

While some of the music on the playlist is not what I would usually listen to, it works because this morning he was chatty and definitely on form. This has me rethinking the whole “working in silence” route I was going, and while I won’t abandon it completely, it is something that will be used when my characters and myself feel it is required.

As writers we learn and grow, and while this might not be a major step in the grand scheme of things, it is still a step forward and shows I am growing as a writer and a creator of worlds.