Hi everyone,

So far editing is going well, though my characters have decided it would be fun to toss some changes my way. Still, no matter how much of my hair they might make me contemplate pulling out, I sill love them.

There is something else going on during this time of isolation and my post title alludes to it. I’ve decided to give my life a reboot. Not in regard to my writing, no that is still progressing nicely and each story I write continues to teach me new things. This is in regard to the other parts of my life. This time has given me an opportunity to look at them and I’ve realized some things have remained stagnant for too long. Change, whether we like it or not is necessary for us to grow and progress. So over the past week that is what I have been doing. It’s small things first, like getting rid of something that connects me to a part of the past I want to forget, but each step forward tells me I’ve made the right decision. And I know that when I’ve finished I will face a blank page on which I can write my own story.

Talking of stories, it’s time to get back to my edits. So until next time,stay strong, stay, healthy, and dream big.