Learning to Listen

Hi everyone,

In the past couple of months I have grown as a writer. Now I know that each story I write, each book I publish, is another step on my journey as an author. But this stage in my growth is different. I’ve noticed the way I write has changed, I’m not obsessing over what words I use. That might sound a strange thing to say, but it is true. I became so caught up in making sure certain words were avoided that I ended up locking myself into a pattern, one which in a way held me back from being as expressive as I needed to be. That has changed because I’m listening to what my characters want, after all their stories are what I am writing.

Now I write in the way they want, using the words they want. Yes, I still watch out for certain ones, but I’m no longer locked into that dangerous pattern. I’ve grown, and I feel it and see it. I’ve learned to listen and it is wonderful.