Hi everyone,

As can be seen from the one word title, today is about research. I admit this was something that at the start of my writing journey I didn’t think much about, but as time and my writing has progressed I’ve realized it is important. It can take many forms from using Google to delving into books or talking to people knowledgeable in a particular field. It sounds daunting and if you are not careful it can be. What I’ve found works for me is when I’m getting the bare bones of a story down, I try to make side notes on things I need to research so I’m not scrambling around later.

Of late that research has bounced from the layout of gothic mansions to the structure of a police force, but everything gathered creates in a way your own encyclopedia. It becomes a point of reference for you to access when working on other stories. I already have a folder full of written notes and printouts, all of which are there should I need them. Yes, research can be disposable, but it can also be as precious as gold because what we uncover can provide that added layer to a story which helps bring it to life.