A light bulb moment? Maybe.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence, things have been crazy in the World of Raven. Edits for Ghosts of the Past are nearly completed and I’m already tinkering with something new. Today though has been a day of epiphany. Yes, I know that is a strange word to use, but I think it is appropriate. Today I found a level I didn’t know I was looking for. Yes, I can speak and write English, but as a writer there is so much more to learn. There is punctuation, nouns, ect, and I admit I am not the brightest bulb when it comes to dealing with them. I’ve finally realized that as a writer I am on a constant learning curve and for the first time I have accepted it is one I am willing to tackle.

I will study, I will learn, all this will be done while I continue to write, and I know that doing all this will help me become a better writer. Life is the classroom and we are the pupils, so make sure to pay attention.



Surroundings, Surroundings

Hi everyone,

Well, editing has me well and truly in its grasp which means coffee has become my closest friend again. While dealing with all the words I realized something – where I work and the atmosphere around me has an impact on what I do. Now I will be honest and say that when I started out I occasionally sniggered at those authors who said they had to have certain things in place, or had to write in a certain area. But guess what? I’ve become a convert.

Whilst I’m not locked into ensuring the smallest detail is met, there are certain things I ensure are set like having a vanilla scented candle alight when I’m writing, having a playlist I created for my wip playing, being in my office with the no phone to avoid distractions. I know that other writers love to be in coffee shops or libraries and that’s fine because we all work in different ways. What motivates one won’t necessarily motivate someone else. We all march to the beat of our own drum and that’s one of the things that helps make us, us.

With that said, editing calls so it’s time for me to light the candle, fire up my playlist, and get back to it. Keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep marching to the beat of your drum.

Until next time,