Time to…oooh shiny!

Hi everyone, welcome to my latest blog post. Today I’m going to talk about something which does tend to drive me crazy at times — distraction. Now sometimes this is caused by a new voice chirpiing up or a new story idea making its presence felt while I’m writing. While I’m happy for both to visit, I do sometimes wish their timing was better. Other times my mind will just drift, locking onto whatever takes its fancy, dragging me away from what I should be doing.

Now I’m not saying that all distraction is bad. Sometimes its our minds way of telling us to take a short break, maybe step outside and get some fresh air, and that’s okay. We all need to take a break occasionally. For me though I tend to find many of my distractions are caused by my annoying demons of doubt trying to drag me away from what I love. Yes, there are times they’ve won, but of late I’ve learned to acknowledge them because it takes away some of their power.

I think many writers have these pests sitting on their shoulders, whispering in their ear that they are not good enough, that their writing sucks. Don’t you believe them for a second. At those times when they shout the loudest it usually means you are close to succeeding. As long as you carry a love and a passion for what you do, you will silence them. They are a distraction you can beat,



Chatter, Chatter, Chatter.

Hi everyone,

I’m currently knee deep in edits and found myself feeling as if I was trying to anticipate what my characters would say. Never a good move as it can derail the story, leaving you confused. So, I decided to step back this afternoon, give my brain a break before diving back in and one of my characters spoke up. The moment they did, everything fell into place and I realized where my story needed to go.

The lesson I learned from this is never assume you always know better than your characters. After all it is their story you are writing, so who would know it better?

Until next time,