I’m Late, I’m Late…Or Am I?

Hi everyone,

The title of my post might seem a bit strange but there is method in my apparent madness. Something I’ve noticed when on my social media is that some writers are worried that because they can’t publish books at a great rate they aren’t good enough. Let me tell you that you are. We all work at our own speed. Where some are prolific, publishing eight or more books a year, some only publish one or two. There is no right or wrong way. You find your rhythm, find what works for you. Don’t stress, don’t worry that because you only publish two in a year you are a failure – you aren’t.

Continue to write, to share your stories with us all. Most of all do not lose your love of writing.

Until next time,



There’s Always Help

Hi everyone,

I hope this first full week of February finds you well and not too stressed. I’m currently working towards the end of the first draft of my next release, so that means editing looms ever closer. Because of that my post will be shorter than usual, however that does not mean I’ve forgotten what I promised in my last one. Below you will find a small list of sites that I have found useful. Remember, there is always help out there in the great World Wide Web, all it takes is some digging and a little persistence to find it