Carpe Diem

Hi everyone,

Hanging on the wall of my office is a sign which says “Take a risk or lose the chance.” When I hit moments that make me wonder why I carry on writing, and I’m sure we all reach those bumps in the road at some point, I look at that sign and it gives me the kick I need. When we place our work out there we take risks, but if we didn’t then that one reader who would love our stories would never get a chance to read them then tell others about us. We share our gift of imagination with the world, and if someone leaves me a good review or contacts me via social media to tell me they loved my story, I am a happy author.

Seize the day. Embrace it, use it, enjoy it. Put words down, rework them and revise them if needs be. As a potter needs clay to create a work of art, so an author needs a sheet of paper on which to place their words so their work of art comes to life.

Keep writing and carpe diem!


P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the sites I said I would list. I’m still pulling them together, so I will post them next time.


Grabbing The Threads

Hi everyone, I hope that the first month of the year is treating you okay. I’ve decided that I’m going to use what is left of January to start grabbing the threads of promotion and marketing, both of which at times can prove to be a minefield to navigate. One thing I’ve learned is you can’t just leap in and hope for the best. A plan is required the moment you set the first words of your next book down. Promote early, get people interested in your book so that when you finally release it you will have readers eager to snatch up a copy.

Searching the web will throw up numerous websites offering advice, and if you aren’t careful you will end up more confused than when you started. I’ve found some that have helped me with setting out long term plans and in my next blog post I will list them so you can check them out for yourselves.


New Year Goals

Welcome to 2019!

A new year brings with it endless possibilities and opportunities. It’s a time to make a fresh start because we are on the first page of a new chapter. Some people make resolutions; get fit, drink and eat less, take up a new hobby. I thought about doing that but I rarely keep them, so as I watched the fireworks heralding in the new year I decided to set myself some goals. The first one is that by the end of this year I will be earning enough from my writing to focus on it full time. My others are to lose the Christmas weight, to travel, to learn more.

If there is a lesson I’ve learned from 2018, it’s that I can sometimes be my own worst enemy. So this year I’m going to get out of my way, lock onto my goals and achieve them all. I know it won’t be easy. Getting what you want rarely is, but I know the time and effort I expend will prove to be worth it.

May 2019 see all your hopes and dreams realized. Remember, never give up and never give in. Pursue your dreams, and if you want them hard enough they will become a reality.