New Year – New Chapter

Hi everyone 🙂

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent with those you love. With that over, we now head towards a new year. In a few hours we close the chapter that is 2017, and turn the page to begin the new one that is 2018. Before I close mine, I will look back on what it has given me. 2017 hasn’t been all wine and roses, but I can say with honesty that is ending better than it started.
Will next year present challenges? I’m sure it will. But overcoming them helps make us stronger.

My plans for new years eve consist of staying home, and probably over indulging again (yep, living the high life lol). Come Jan 1st, I’m hitting the ground running, which means I’ll be working on my first release of the year.

Thank you for your support, for following me as I get to grips with blogging. I wish you all a happy, peaceful 2018. May it see all your dreams fulfilled. Catch you on the flip side 😉New Year 2018 Celebration With Dial Clock


All The Words

Hi everyone,

Seems my plans were hijacked by my muse, and trust me when I say I’m not complaining about that. A happy muse makes for a happy writer. My latest work in progress is going to be the biggest book I’ve written to date, and I’m loving it. The year is going to end on a busy note, and 2018 looks like it will start the same way.

As this year starts its wind down, I do find myself more and more looking towards the approaching new year. I’m already starting to make plans, some of which I hope to share with you soon, but one I can share now. I’ve decided instead of doing a blanket listing of new releases, I will choose a book a month to read and review. Given my projected work schedule, that will work out better. I hope to blog more regularly, again that is something which will be dependent on my work schedule. If I come across anything which I feel will be of interest to fellow writers, then I will let you all know.

Well, that’s it for now. So take care, and I’ll catch up with you all again before the year’s end 🙂