Here Come The Nerves

Things are getting crazy…well more crazy in my world. With only five days until Nexus hits Kindle, I’m working out my promotion schedule, doing the final read through, and trying to get the paperback cover sorted. I get the impression this upcoming week is going to be one where I could do with more hours in a day 🙂

I know that as the release day draws closer, my nerves will kick in. You’d think by now I’d be used to doing this, but each time I place a new book out there, I’m placing a piece of me out there with it. To be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way because it drives me on to write more. Proof of this is the fact that at the moment I’m working on three stories, one of which is book three in the Resurrection City series.

Well, the muse and my characters are demanding my attention, which means it’s time for me to head off. Have a great week 😀



Time and Tide

Hi everyone,

Well, time has been something of late which has been in short supply. Between doing edits for Nexus, working on a new story, and fleshing out book three of the Resurrection City series, I’ve sometimes wondered if I’m coming or going. Fortunately I’ve gotten myself ahead, so now I will share with you some new releases and interesting looking pre-orders that are around.

First up is a pre-order. Creole Nights consists of ten paranormal stories which will get the heat rising.

Next up is a release by Jas T Ward. If you like your books on the dark side, then Soul Bound will appeal. Please note it deals with the subject of death. So make sure to read the blurb first.

Last is one of my own. If you haven’t dived into the world of Resurrection City, then now is the perfect time to do just that. A Thirst For Vengeance is on offer across Amazon only for a limited time at 99c/99p.

That’s it from me for another month. I hope you check out my recommendations, and if you do go ahead and purchase, please leave a review after reading. They are appreciated 🙂

Until next time,