Happy Sunday

Hi one and all 🙂

As promised here are a few of the new releases that have caught my eye of late. I hope that you find something among them that may tempt you.

First up is by Robyn Peterman Zahn. If you like your stories filled with sass, humor, and vampires, then you can’t go far wrong with this book. Fashionably Fanged

Next is the latest offering from Katie Macalister. One of my favorite authors I always relish her new releases, and love her Dark Ones. The Vampire Always Rises

Another of my favorite authors is Alexandra Ivy. If you like paranormal and your males on the hot side, then check out her latest book from the Dragons of Eternity series. Charred by Darkness

Last one for now is my own latest release. The Brimstone Door is set around Lucifer and his plan for payback, and how fate decides to toss a curve ball his way. The first in anew series which I can guarantee will continue to have twists and curves. The Brimstone Door

Four books I hope you will check out 🙂 My next sharing is caring post will be at the end of May, but I will be posting again soon to keep you up to date as to what is going on in my crazy but fun world.

Take care one and all!


Had An Idea

Hi everyone 🙂

I’ve been lucky enough to have people support me on my journey via various social media, and I want to give something back. So at the end of every month I will check out some of my favorite authors and give you a heads up on any new releases. I will of course sneak mine in there as well 😉

So, watch out for my first author sharing blog post on the 30th of this month 🙂


Long Time No See

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Sorry for not being here for a while, but things have been hectic in my writing world. New characters made an appearance which in turn led to new books coming out. My latest – The Brimstone Door, is now live across Amazon 🙂

I’m currently working on book two in the series, along with book two in the Resurrection City series and a new one. Never a dull moment, and I love it!

I’ll try to post a little more regularly. It all depends on what time I can find in between writing.

Have a great week and I’ll catch you all again soon 😉